Examples of customer-oriented services:

Production of a plug [2|2]

  • The first pre production models are now made on the die casting plant and if demanded thoroughly examined on a test bench.
  • Before the test run freiform technicians will discuss all criteria for the production which defines the way to a perfect quality and economical realization, with the customer.
  • The inspection specification is based on the liability specification. Depending on the customers request, it will be specified in which way the relevant qualities must be tested. For example, resistance to wear, acids, leach, petrol, Trichloroethylene ... and the static load rating.
  • The test results are evaluated graphically or in tabular form so that they are legible for our customers. The results provide information as to weather it is suitable for all requests or not.

Thereafter the results are examined: Pre production model, quality profile, production sequence, costs and dates. All further steps are discussed with the customers.