Examples of customer-oriented services:

Production of a plug [1|2]

  • At first the contact with the customer is built up. Various meetings between technicians will be held to clarify the requirements to be fulfilled which is done by means of a questionnaire.
  • Based on all the customers information, Freiform’s technician will issue a delivery specification. All orders will be attended to in this manner.
  • freiform’s designers will produce all the necessary drawings for production either freehand drawings or 2D drawings and in some cases a sample in 3D will be made.
  • The tools for the models are set up economically on CNC plants or as STL from 3D data. Freiform will not make a series if the product has not been thoroughly tested.

Before the tool is put onto the production machine a wax print is made which almost serves as a sample. Please note we say almost because wax wears its bad qualities and yet it’s high workmanship on the tool can be regarded. The errors will be minimized to start off with. (Picture below)