Can this constructional element be manufactured from plastic? Does it make sense technically ? What does this mean for the economical efficiency?

These are usually questions which arise at the beginning of a co-operation.
With the following examples, we will show you what freiform can do for you.

The freiform services in Detail:

All technical questions as to the application of materials, plastic processing and the practical use of plastics will be answered and advised upon.

Design, development, construction in 3D and the manufacturing of plastic assembled parts on customer’s request. Additionally freiform can deliver STL (selective – laser – sintering), depending on customer’s request of silicon tools. 10 – 15 pieces can be produced fairly quickly (depending on complexity).

Manufacturing of plastic parts (assembled) in small, medium and large series.

Manufacturing of injection moulding tools and devices in tool making factories with only the highest and updated standards (3D-CAD, CAM, ...).

The following example provide an overview of freiform’s working method and services.

Toilet Basket

Die Grafik